Brandon Marshall has a dilemma

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Brandon Marshall is putting himself in a tough spot.

He is sick and tired of fumbling and hurting his team. That is understandable. But he can't take away from his game or he is going to have other problems.

For the second time in as many Denver losses, the outstanding receiver lost a key fumble while fighting for more yardage. Sunday, he lost the ball inside Jacksonville's 10-yard line. The Broncos eventually lost 24-17. He also had a key fumble at Kansas City in Denver's 33-19 loss two weeks ago.

Sunday, Marshall said he has to stop trying to get the extra yardage because it is hurting his team. Slow down, Brandon. You have to rethink this one.

Marshall is perhaps the best receiver in the NFL with the ball in his hands. He is a simply a beast after the catch. He can't get tentative because he fumbled twice.

All Marshall has to do is pay more attention to the ball. He needs better ball security. He doesn't need to stop fighting for yardage. That's what makes Marshall special. The fumbling is a curable nuisance. He'll figure it out.

But Marshall can't stop being Marshall.