No Gonzalez deal good for young TE

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Memo to Brad Cottam: Soak up as much of Tony Gonzalez as you can.

Perhaps no Kansas City player will benefit more from the Chiefs not trading Gonzalez than Cottam. Sure, Cottam would have played more this season if the Chiefs traded Gonzalez before the deadline. But Cottam will have plenty of time to play down the line.

He will have limited time to learn from and watch Gonzalez, the greatest receiving tight end of all time. Kansas City drafted Cottam in the third round this year to be Gonzalez's eventual replacement. The early word on Cottam has been positive and Gonzalez has been complimentary of the 6-foot-7 Tennessee product.

Cottam has to take advantage of this extra time with Gonzalez. He needs to take advantage of it.