AFC West mail call

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Chill from va beach: what's up bill, read your blog a couple times everyday. i'm a raider fan, and i want to know exactly what is the deal with javon walker? is he really that bad, can he not get separation, is he open but the qb isn't finding him, or is he just done period? and what kind of cap penalty will the team face if they release him?

BW: Thanks for reading. It would cost Oakland a lot to get rid of Walker next year. He is due a total of $16 million this season and next season. Of course, teams are dealing with the salary cap better in recent seasons so there is a chance it won't be impossible for Oakland to make a move after 2009 if it wants. Remember, this team has spent a lot of money this offseason. It has to make sure it pays off and so far it hasn't.

Terry Dean Johnson: Since JaMarcus doesn't seem to be getting the job done, have the Raiders considered Walter (future before JMac).

BW: The Raiders have to stick with Russell. He is not a lost cause. Yes, he has struggled, but it is early. He has plenty of talent. Russell can still be a productive player. Walter is best suited as a backup.

Rocky: What are the Chiefs chances on getting Bill Cower if King Carl is finally fired.
BW: I could see it happening if the Chiefs fire Peterson, yes. Cowher has ties to Kansas City and it would be a dramatic move that the Chiefs could use. It could be a fine fit if the Chiefs decide to make a move.

J Taylor from S.F: Help elect Quentin Jammer (CB - San DIego) to the ProBowl. He's a player who's time is past due. He's flown under the radar for too long and his contributions are too great this year to pass up. We've started a grassroots campaign on the CHarger's Website Message board and we are asking you for your support. thank you J
BW: If you're asking me if I think Jammer is a Pro Bowler, I do think he is having a solid season. He is an underrated player. You, the fans, have a third of the Pro Bowl vote along with coaches and players. So fill those ballot boxes if you think your guy deserves it.

Tony from San Diego: Hi Bill, I think your ignoring the Charger fans because I know for a fact that we're asking questions. This is my 4 time asking this question. Maybe your so dissapointed in the team as we are you don't take our questions. Anyway, do you think the Chargers should sign John Lynch? I think their inexperience in the d-backfield is hurting us. Also what about resigning a fullback who can block. Maybe Pinnock if he's available.
BW: Hi Tony. I have answered a couple Lynch-San Diego questions in the past couple of months. I just don't think Lynch is interested at this point unless there is a major injury at safety. As for Pinnock, maybe. The Chargers could use some beef in the backfield.

Jason from Hampton. Va: Hey Bill, What do you think about Warren Sapp's comments? He badmouths the Raiders, but when he was on the team, he talked about how happy he was to be with Oakland and out of Tampa. He talked bad about coach Gruden in Tampa and every year talked about how good the Raider team was, only for him to get run at constantly and his words have never seemed to be true. His words have no merit to me. I feel like he says whatever it takes to get his paycheck. What do you think?
BW: It is always interesting to hear what former players have to say about a place they played. Sapp was there last season so his voice is relevant. But he has really bashed this team, hasn't he? I think you may have a point that he is trying to make a splash in his new role and he has chosen the Raiders as his whipping boy. I have a feeling it won't stop anytime soon.

Steven C. from Boston: Bill, what do you think about McFadden being used more as a WR kind of like a Reggie Bush type player? thanks.
BW: I could see him playing some outside once his turf toe completely heals. Former Raiders coach Lane Kiffin said the Raiders would use him that way, I can definitely see McFadden getting some more action outside as he gets more comfortable in the NFL.