Quote sheet: Mike Shanahan and Jay Cutler

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Courtesy of the Broncos' PR staff, here are samplings of quotes from Mike Shanahan and Jay Cutler's press conferences Wednesday in preparation for Monday night's game at New England.

Cutler addresses his comment on his arm compared to John Elway's (kind of) and Brandon Marshall's ball security:


On having an impressive record against the Patriots
"I don't think that you really think about what you have done in the past. we have to get ready for this game. You know what type of football team they have now and what type of teams they have had over past years. It is always a great challenge. They are well coached, they have some great players and they have a great home record."

On coaching against Bill Belichick
"I have the utmost respect for Bill and what he has accomplished. Obviously with the Super Bowls and just the way he prepares his team... He is the best in the business and he has proved it over past years. We always look forward to these types of matchups and hopefully we will play well."

On T Ryan Clady playing well as a rookie
"It doesn't happen very often in the National Football League for a guy to play at the level he is playing at. He is doing a great job."

On TE Daniel Graham
"To have a good running game, you have to have a tight end that not only can block but one that can catch as football well. We have a double threat. Daniel brings us both. He can run block, he can catch and he is a great leader. He is a guy that is very important in any type of offense especially with ours."

On if the Patriots' last five years has been the most impressive stretch he has seen
"I am sure that there are a few stretches that are pretty impressive. If you go back to Pittsburgh, they had a couple stretches. We could go with a few teams, but since I have been a coach, it has by far been the most impressive stretches that I have ever seen."

On WR Brandon Stokley's health
"He is better today than the last couple days. Each day, he seems to improve a little bit. It is an on-going process and he will be a day-to-day evaluation. We should know something by the end of the week."

On concussions
"It is not my expertise. We have experts that deal with that, and they know concussions. Now with the NFL, the doctors and the emphasis that is put on head injuries, they go through all kinds of tests. It is amazing to me what they go through, and it is a learning experience for me. I was with Steve Young when he went through some of those concussions. Like you mention, you are concerned about their welfare and their family, their kids. Now they know a lot more about it and the tests that they give, give you a good indication of where somebody is at. I am sure it is not fool proof, but the improvement to me is unbelievable. When Steve (Young) had his concussion, I thought for him to even play another down was crazy. When Steve (Young) came in and visited with us at that time he was thinking about maybe playing another year or two and I think he would have had the doctors not talked him out of it."


On the difference between the offense in the first three games versus the last three
"Turnovers. We have to secure the ball and be smart with it. Watching film, we expect to put up 30, 40 points every game and that's kind of the bar that we set. As an offense, if we don't achieve that we are obviously disappointed and we have to go back and look at what we have done and try to figure it out. This week is no different."

On whether turnovers have affected his production
"Whenever you get seven turnovers in two losses that takes away from the times we get the ball, the chances we get and the opportunities we have to score."

On the offensive injuries
"It hurts. When 'Stokes' (WR Brandon Stokley) came out it kind of hurt us on third downs. Without (WR) Eddie (Royal) and without (TE) Tony (Scheffler), we were a little limited. Hopefully we'll get some of these guys back this week, but we will have to wait and see.

"We can win with without them. We went without 'B' (WR Brandon Marshall) the first week. We can win without those guys. We just have to limit our turnovers, take care of the ball and take advantage of the situations we get."

On whether he likes playing on Monday Night Football
"I like Monday nights. I like playing at night. It's fun. Obviously we get to go to New England and play one of the top teams in the league for the last six or seven years, so it's going to be exciting."

On receiving national attention
"I'm kind of wary of getting more attention. It's not just me. It's Brandon (Marshall), it's Eddie (Royal), it's the defense. Once we had the hot start, people jumped on the bandwagon."

On his previous comments on having a stronger arm that John Elway
"I'm not going to worry about it. What's done is done and what's said is said. We are moving on to New England."

On RB Michael Pittman
"We are a little banged up at running back with (RB) Selvin (Young) out. 'Pit' (RB Michael Pittman), I think he understands this offense and he understands what we want to accomplish in the run game. It's one cut and he gets downhill."

On defenses limiting WR Brandon Marshall's touches
"We want to get the ball to Brandon as much as possible. We scripted some of those plays early (against Jacksonville) to get him going, but they took him away a lot. They played some different coverages that we weren't really expecting. We have to expect the same thing this week for them to try to take him out of the ballgame."

On the offensive line
"Any quarterback doesn't want to get hit .Those guys are playing well and we have all the confidence in the world."

On T Ryan Clady
"He's really good. It's tough for a young guy to come in and play like that, but they threw him in the starting lineup in the OTAs. He's been learning ever since and him and the rest of the guys are playing well."

On WR Brandon Marshall trying to gain yards after the catch
"That's part of Brandon's game. That's what he does. He brings that aggressiveness to our offense. He's always attacking and he can't change that. That's ju
st how he plays. He has to take care of the ball, and he understands that."