Gonzo's first year out of K.C. had to be unsatisfying

I noticed that former Kansas City superstar tight end Tony Gonzalez will appear on ESPN‘s Jim Rome is Burning show Tuesday.

It has to burn at Gonzalez that he is doing the talk show circuit in mid-January rather than preparing for a potential Super Bowl run. After all, that’s why Gonzalez was open to leaving Kansas City.

Gonzalez was traded to Atlanta for a second-round pick in 2010. Gonzalez was torn about leaving Kansas City, where he was an icon had great success with the Chiefs. But Kansas City won a total of six games in Gonzalez’ final two seasons there.

Gonzalez, who will turn 34 next month, said often he wanted a chance to make a Super Bowl run before the end of his career. With the Chiefs, who finished 4-12 in 2009, still in the early stages of a rebuilding phase, Gonzalez felt he needed a change.

Atlanta seemed like the perfect fit. The Falcons made an unexpected playoff run in 2008 and had one of the league’s top young players in second-year quarterback Matt Ryan. However, Ryan missed some time because of injuries in 2009. The Falcons finished 9-7 and were a playoff witness, not a participant.

As always, Gonzalez did his part in his new city. He had 83 catches for 883 yards in his first season in Atlanta. Still, the year ended without a Super Bowl run.

That has to hurt for Gonzalez who said during the 2008 season that he thought he only had two or three good seasons left. This is a classy, future Hall of Famer who deserves his chance to play for a ring.

But another season has passed without him getting that chance.