Why a Denver trade for Quinn would be a bad idea

The Denver Post floated the idea of the Broncos trading Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall to Cleveland in a deal for quarterback Brady Quinn.

It has to be considered one of many possibilities of a deal for Marshall. Expect Denver to try to trade Marshall this offseason.

But would a deal for Quinn be the smartest move for Denver?

I don’t think so.

I think Denver could get much more in return for Marshall, who has caught at least 100 passes in each of the past three seasons. Quinn is basically one season from being an official bust.

Denver might be able to get a first-round pick for Marshall. If so, perhaps Denver could take a quarterback with it if it wants a young quarterback.

Adding Quinn to a roster that will likely include Kyle Orton in 2010 really doesn’t make Denver better. Orton is fine. He could quarterback Denver for the next two or three seasons. While Quinn may be a nice fit for Denver coach Josh McDaniels’ system, there is no certainty Quinn would develop quickly and be as effective as Orton can be.

Denver has to find a way to get better by subtracting Marshall from the roster. Adding an unproven quarterback is not the answer. I expect Denver to get plenty of interesting offers for Marshall. At least one of them would likely be better than trading for Quinn.