Porter in Oakland makes some sense

It looks like Joey Porter wants to leave the Miami Dolphins. So cue up the talk about possible destinations.

After all, it’s that time of year. One potential stop for Porter, according to ESPN.com’s rumor page, is Oakland.

After thinking about it for a while, I could really see this being a fit. Porter wants to be a full-time player and I could see Oakland giving him that opportunity.

Oakland owner Al Davis loves savvy veterans and players who have a lot of skins on the wall. Porter would be another in a long line of aging veterans who finished their careers in Oakland.

Can’t you just see the brash Porter in the Silver and Black? He’d look great and he’d do his best to restore the swagger to the sagging franchise.

Plus, Porter who will soon be 33, is from Bakersfield, Ca. Playing in California would likely appeal to him.

Yes, Porter is used to playing a 3-4 defense (which could make him attractive to the other three teams in the AFC West), but he is a smart player who could adjust to Oakland’s 4-3 scheme.

This pairing isn’t essential for Oakland. Porter is not the missing link for the Raiders, but an Oakland-Porter union looks very feasible if he pursues his desire to leave Miami. Let’s keep our eyes open on this potential development.