Sound-off responses

We got some great responses to our sound-off question this week.

The question was whether San Diego fans are happy for former starting quarterback Drew Brees as he prepares to lead New Orleans into the Super Bowl against Indianapolis on Sunday or are they upset that Brees has a chance to win a Super Bowl before the Chargers?

Brees left San Diego as a free agent in 2006 to sign with the Saints. Most fans who responded are excited for Brees. San Diego fans know they are in good shape with Philip Rivers as their quarterback, so most fans are fine with Brees playing elsewhere.

I think this is the right reaction. The change was best for everyone and Brees deserves the support of the fans of his former team. Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Matt from Davis, Ca.: It's bittersweet to see Brees in the Super Bowl. He's my second favorite QB in the league (to Rivers of course). He and LT helped turn the Chargers franchise around into one of the winningest teams in the past 6 years. So of course I'll be rooting for him to get his ring this Sunday and am happy that he is able to play on the big stage. However, it is a little sad to see Drew in the Superbowl knowing that LT's best chance may have gone down in flames a few weeks ago. I don't buy into the train of thought that the Chargers would be there with Brees necessarily, but seeing him there while the Chargers keep missing opportunities is an unpleasant reminder of how many times this team has come up short.

Danny from Los Angeles, CA: Drew Brees has always been an admirable player; SD had to make a choice between Rivers and Brees when Breezy was injured. The debate about that trade-off is moot. Either way as an avid SD fan, Brees has shown us great game and proven his character throughout the years. I will root for his superbowl ring, just like i would root for LT to get one if LT gets traded this year and his has a chance. One Exception to that would be, if SD was playing against them in the Superbowl. Breezy for the win.

Iggy from Portland: There's no reason for hard feelings between Charger fans and Drew Brees -- I, for one, hope he gets a ring this year. Drew was a good player for the Chargers, but I'm happy with the choice to go with Philip Rivers. People too easily forget that the Chargers let Brees walk after he had a season-ending shoulder injury and the team failed to make the playoffs, so the decision wasn't really too controversial. That Brees bounced back to become one of the best QBs in the league is a victory for him, but doesn't represent a loss for Charger fans. When all is said and done, I'm confident Philip will compare well with Drew and that Charger fans don't need Drew to fail in order for that to be the case. Anyhow, I couldn't really see myself pulling for the Colts...

Troy from Escondido, Ca: I'm stoked for Brees... Even though he gave me ulcers as the Chargers QB the first few years he was the starter, the guy turned things around like few players ever have and deserves all the success that comes to him! On the one hand, I'd never trade Rivers to get Brees back but, on the other hand, it's nice that Brees was able to show he wasn't 'damaged goods' over these past few years. The Saints were willing to take a big chance on him when few other teams were so it's nice they're getting some payoff for it.

David Perez from Vero Beach, Fl: Bill, I am both happy and upset. I would not trade Rivers for anyone in the world. He is a great leader and gutsy and that is what you want in a QB. As far as Brees goes, I am happy for him. He is a standup man and a good human and a great leader (Remember the players only meeting before 2004 that turned around the Chargers franchise)? Now he turned another franchise around and it could not have happened to a better guy. On the flipside, I am upset because I feel it should also be our time. The fact that a former charger QB is leading a traditionally bad franchise to the cusp of a championship is frustrating and demoralizing. AJ Smith better be on alert and make some moves because our time is running out.

Sam from San Diego: I'd love to see Brees get a ring. He is a great QB, and when he left the fans weren't mad at Him, they were mad at management. I still like Brees whether or not he plays for SD

Jim from Louisville, KY: The issues with the Chargers have nothing to do with Rivers v Brees... As a Charger fan I'm happy to see Brees doing well! But regardless of the current Super Bowl I'd still want Rivers over Brees. The Saints and Chargers play two different styles of offense and I'd argue the Saints defense has played consistently better throughout the season, not to mention in the NFC championship game the Saints did not have a pro bowl kicker miss 3 field goals and double his misses for the season. In the long run Rivers is (in my opinion) still the better QB and while you can never guarantee a Super Bowl I see Rivers leading the Chargers to the promised land very soon...

Virgil Abueg from Southeast San Diego: I'm a die-hard Chargers fan. I feel you cannont be anything but happy for Drew Brees. He did nothing wrong to San Diego. He is a better fit with Sean Payton and the Saints just like Philip Rivers is over here. He's proved everybody wrong as he's always had and real Chargers fans should all be pulling for him. GO CHARGERS!!

Andy T from Santee: Regarding "Sound-off: Drew Brees"I'm happy for Drew. I can't be angry that he's getting a shot first. Their defense has been better, and they have a much better offensive line (in protection and running the ball). We need to build a better foundation (DL & OL) before we hit the full potential of our stars and have team success.That said, a large part of me is rooting forManning.