You pick it responses

We had a runway winner in our “you pick it’ feature. I’m a bit surprised by it.

But the readers thought Denver promoting linebacker coach Don Martindale to defensive coordinator is the story of the week. Martindale replaced Mike Nolan, who, in a mutual decision with the team, parted ways after one mostly-successful season on defense.

The other candidates were Kansas City not bringing back former defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast after it originally thought about keeping him, and the Chiefs bringing back former star defensive back Emmitt Thomas to coach the secondary.

I understand readers thinking the Martindale story was big because of his new position. However, I would have voted for the Thomas story. He was a Hall of Fame player in Kansas City and now the 66-year-old is back as part of a strong, new coaching staff.

But you set the agenda here. Thanks to everyone who participated. Here are some of your responses:

Dan from Denver: The Don Martindale story is the story of the week. He is an up-and-coming coach who will take off where Mike Nolan had this unit.

Joe from Boulder, Colo.: Denver players like Martindale and I think they will play well for him. I think Josh McDaniels really made the right call here.

Townsend from Arkadelphia, Arkansas: Definitely the hiring of Emmitt Thomas to the Chiefs. Todd Haley has assembled quite possibly the best coaching staff anyone in the AFC West has seen in years and hiring Thomas and tight ends coach Bernie Permalee was the icing on the cake in establishing the legitimacy of that franchise again. This is a huge step in solidifying a weakness the Chiefs have had for years. Not only do they have Super Bowl winning coaches but one that's in the Hall of Fame as well. Theres a storm brewing in KC.

Mike from Seattle: I can’t believe All Denver could do to replace Nolan is promoting Martindale from LB coach. That will kill this team in 2010. It’s the story of the week.

Erik from Chicago: Don Martindale was considered for a promotion in Oakland. The Raiders should have given it to him. I think that the linebackers slid back without him, and I was not impressed at all with what John Marshall did this year.

Aaron from Syracuse: BW, The storyline of the week is a two-for-one. It might have been an awkward situation for KC to keep freshly demoted Pendergast on board. So, instead of letting him coach the D Backs, they bring in the man and legend Emmitt Thomas. He knows the game, and should be a great help to the secondary, but let's not overlook how nice it is for the fans. 10 wins in 3 years is stomach turning. Putting Emmitt Thomas on the sideline is a little piece of hope to the fans that someday the Chiefs will be back on top of the AFC West.