Around the AFC West

The Denver Post expects Brandon Marshall to be traded even though he blamed himself for his 2009 issues.

My take: I agree. Even though Marshall indicated he is open to staying in Denver, it is best for both sides to part ways. It is fine that Marshall was contrite and it may show prospective new teams that he can be accountable. But don’t expect his words Thursday to change Denver’s plans.

The Kansas City Star thinks the Chiefs’ offseason could be affected by the uncertain future of the collective bargaining agreement.

My take: With an uncapped year possibly on the horizon, it will be strange for every team. But Kansas City has to get better. It has to spend some money to improve this team regardless of the landscape.

Rich Gannon is going after JaMarcus Russell … again.

My take: This is tired. Rich, you have great opinions and you were a great Raider. But enough, already. We all know JaMarcus stinks and he has to get better. We get it.

San Diego is preparing to say goodbye to LaDainian Tomlinson.

My take: This is a sad deal. Tomlinson is a legend. San Diego loves him. He is leaving town and it will be difficult for everyone involved.