Brees' victory tough on some San Diego fans

Last week, our sound-off question was whether San Diego fans were happy for former Chargers quarterback Drew Brees getting a chance to win a Super Bowl. Most of the responses were in favor of the idea.

However, Monday, the tune has changed somewhat. In the hours after Brees led New Orleans to its first Super Bowl win (which is one more than San Diego has) in which he was named the MVP, my mailbag was flooded by San Diego fans.

They are frustrated that Brees was allowed to leave San Diego after the 2005 season as a free agent. I know it can be difficult to see a former player go on and have success, but this a different situation.

While Brees has gone on to have the ultimate success after playing in San Diego, it’s not like the Chargers are in bad shape at the position.

Philip Rivers is the face of the franchise. He is an elite quarterback. At 28, he is getting better. He will keep San Diego competitive for the next several years.

San Diego fans have to know that. Don’t let the Brees victory make you get down on the team’s quarterback situation. San Diego will be fine.

So, go back to your pre-game vow and be happy for Brees.