Former Denver stars are in the news

Catching up on some Denver-related headlines:

In a radio interview, former Denver star tight end Shannon Sharpe said he isn’t going to let the fact that he didn’t make the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the second straight year get him down.

“I’m not going to let the final validation, which would be the Hall of Fame, try to convince me otherwise that I wasn’t a good football player,” Sharpe said. He also said he doesn’t believe the Hall of fame voting committee values tight ends.

I have a problem with that notion. It’s a necessary position on the field and Sharpe was one of the best tight ends ever to play. He shouldn’t be penalized for it.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post is reporting former Denver star linebacker Bill Romanowski will interview for the strength and conditioning coaching job with the Redskins. It would reunite Romanowski with former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan. Romanowski tried to get a similar job in Denver last year but the team was not interested. Romanowski is an admitted former steroid user.

My official reaction on what would be a big NFC East story: Are you kidding me?