AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Jared from Junction City, Ore., wants to know if Troy Smith (a quarterback from Baltimore) and Barry Cofield (a defensive tackle from the Giants) are potential fits in Oakland.

Bill Williamson: I like how you are thinking here, Jared. Smith, who wants to be traded, played for new Oakland offensive coordinator Hue Jackson in Baltimore and Cofield, a likely restricted free agent, played for new Oakland defensive line coach Mike Waufle in New York. So there are natural connections. I could see Oakland trying to swing a trade for Smith and it would be worth putting him in the quarterback mix.

Thom from Las Vegas wants to know if Denver could be interested in Kevin Kolb and not Donovan McNabb.

BW: ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reported Denver talked to Philadelphia about McNabb. But teams are calling the Eagles about Kolb as well. I think it makes more sense for Denver to trade for Kolb because he is younger and has a lot of upside. But that could be pricey.

Ray from Lamont, Calif., wants to know if Joey Porter could end up in Oakland.

BW: Ray, if Porter is open to play in a 4-3 defense, I think it could be a great fit. Porter, who will be released by Miami in early March, said he wants to play in a 3-4 defense near his Bakersfield, Calif., home. He mentioned San Diego, San Francisco and Arizona as possibilities. Perhaps if there isn’t a market for him, Porter could widen his search to 4-3 teams. He would give Oakland some leadership and Al Davis never shies from adding aging stars.