Rapid reaction: Saints 37, Chargers 32

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson
This is why the San Diego Chargers are one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL this season --- their defense, particularly their pass defense, is bad.

That's why San Diego is 3-5 and showing no signs of being that sure thing Super Bowl contender we all expected them to be.

It's not the San Diego offense's fault. The Chargers, offensively, are doing what it takes to win. Quarterback Philip Rivers stood toe-to-toe with former teammate Drew Brees. LaDainian Tomlinson had a good game. Antonio Gates was in his old form.

The Chargers' offense was good. Good enough to win. But it's that passing defense, that is ranked the worst in the NFL, that is killing the Chargers.

At this point, don't expect any major turnaround. Sure, the Chargers could still win the AFC West because Denver appears to be in a terrible tailspin. But the Chargers didn't suit up this season to win another division crown. They wanted the Super Bowl.

But their chance may be passing by.