AFC West Week 12 decisive moment

How big of a play was Eric Weddle’s 41-yard interception for a touchdown return in the Chargers’ victory at Indianapolis on Sunday night?

It was so big that the folks who run the big screen at Lucas Oil Stadium felt compelled to show it one final time, a full series after the play.

The Colts thought Weddle committed pass interference on receiver Reggie Wayne, who fell right before Weddle caught the pass from Peyton Manning and chugged to the end zone to give the Chargers a 26-14 lead with 8:21 to go in the third quarter. The Colts had a chance to take the lead on the drive, but it ended with the Chargers taking a 12-point lead. San Diego scored the final 10 points of the game after Weddle’s touchdown, taking home a 36-14 victory.

There was contact on the play. But Weddle said the contact was mutual.

“It wasn’t pass interference,” Weddle said. "I’m sure they think it was and they showed on it on the big screen 100 times, but it was a touchdown for us.”

And it was the game-deciding play as well.