Fox on Tebow, Bailey and Broncos' D

New Denver Broncos head coach John Fox addressed the media Friday. He addressed several subjects. Let’s take a look.

On quarterback Tim Tebow

“I had the great privilege to meet with Tim Tebow during the draft process (in 2010). Actually, we had dinner with him, my offensive coordinator at the time and my quarterback coach at the time in Gainesville and we had a great connection. Tim came by yesterday (and) I had a great talk with him and he is real excited. I think as a player, I have had a chance to review some tape towards the end of the season. I think he has work to do -- he knows it. But, one thing I will say is that he will do whatever it takes. That is one of the things I saw in the early process. He has as good of intangibles as [any] athlete that I have ever been around on a short visit. I think nothing but upside is going to occur for him going forward ... I think those intangibles make that progress accelerate and that is the thing I was most impressed about him. Let’s be honest, he played in a spread offense that is a little bit more popular in college football. There is an art and technique and a feel for being under center. I don’t know how many of you all have done that before, but it is not quite as easy as it looks. I think the rhythm and timing, because you are passing the ball -- not just throwing it -- you are passing, which means you are doing it with relative accuracy and that timing takes a minute. The thing that is impressive about Tim Tebow is he is not afraid to be great and he will do everything humanly possible to make that accelerate and that is the thing that is exciting.”

My take: The Broncos will not make any promises, but it’s clear that Fox is on board to give Tebow a chance. There’s no doubt that Tebow will have the opportunity to win the starting job in 2011.

On cornerback Champ Bailey

“I have all the respect for Champ Bailey. I think one of the messages that I send is that I respect the players. There is no question that Champ Bailey is a terrific, great football player -- you just look at the regard that he is held in by his teammates and general managers around the league. I think right now at this point in the process, it is a little bit hard. We do have a pretty fluid schedule moving forward, with some of the [Collective Bargaining Agreement] things. I know that my former employer [Panthers’ owner Jerry Richardson] and [owner and chief executive officer] Mr. Bowlen are on that committee. Those are the things that we will do everything we can to get the best human talent on the field -- that is going to make our job easier. I think now it is too early to say, other than that he is held with great respect, both in the community of Denver and by the Denver Broncos.”

My take: Fox loves veteran players and he knows how important Bailey is to this defense. I’m sure he’ll love to keep Bailey from leaving as a free agent.

On what type of defensive scheme the Broncos will utilize

“I think that one of the things about being a coach is utilizing your talent to the best of its ability. There is no doubt that right now, the Broncos defense has been structured to a 3-4. I have been doing this for a long time and have a 3-4 background as far back as 1989 with the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is something that will be fluid going forward, too. Because regardless of the spacing and the terminology of the positions -- whether it be nose tackle, weak inside linebacker, weak outside linebacker -- you still have the spacings and everybody utilizes pretty much all the same spacings. And, you can get to that either through the 4-3 or the 3-4. I think right now, we are just going to be looking to upgrade the talent level -- whether that be through pro personnel or the college draft. We will use all avenues to do that. I think from that point you can work that out. That is not as glaring of a thing moving forward as just finding the right people are.”

My take: Fox can run both a 4-3 and a 3-4 defense. I’m sure he’d rather use a 4-3 and will try to build this defense that way if possible.

On whether he has spoken with Mike McCoy about the offensive coordinator position

“Yes I have. He has other options just like we have other options. Mike is a guy that spent seven years with me prior to even coming to the Broncos, so I might even know him better than the people here in the Broncos organization. I definitely hold him in high regard and he is definitely in consideration.”

My take: It makes sense for Fox to want to keep McCoy to creep some offensive continuity and to keep Tebow with his offensive coordinator.