I did it again

For the second time in our positional Power Rankings list this spring, I cost Adrian Peterson big.

I promise I have nothing against the Minnesota running back. I think he’s a big-time player. But I think there are other big-time players in the NFL as well.

I just think there are some better players in the NFL than Peterson at the moment. That’s why I placed Peterson seventh on our list of top-10 (non-quarterbacks) offensive players in the NFL. My replacement cost Peterson big. He finished in a first-place tie with Tennessee running back Chris Johnson. Had I placed Peterson sixth, he would have been in first place by himself.

In our running back Power Rankings in March, I ranked Peterson third behind Tennessee’s Johnson and Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles. It gave Johnson the No. 1 overall ranking. I used the same formula on this current vote as I did in the previous one; I had Peterson as my third running back behind Johnson and Charles.

That’s why he’s seventh on my list. Again, I like Peterson a lot and I think he’s special. Being the seventh best player on this list is pretty strong.

As for the AFC West, Charles and San Diego tight end Antonio Gates finished in a tie for 10th place. I had Charles ranked fifth and I ranked Gates ninth. In our tight end Power Rankings, I had Gates ranked first. He was edged out by Dallas’ Jason Witten. I placed Charles higher than Gates on this list based on the importance of position and the fact that Charles is just entering his prime at the age of 24 while Gates is about to turn 31.

No other AFC West player received a vote.