NFL Power Rankings: Broncos surge

Here's a look at how the AFC West teams fared in the Week 15 Power Rankings. I do not have a vote, but I do have an opinion:

Denver Broncos

  • Power ranking: 2

  • My range: 2-4

  • Comment: Denver's stunning march upward continues.

San Diego Chargers

  • Power ranking: 23

  • My range: 22-24

  • Comment: The win at Pittsburgh shows the Chargers what consistent play can bring.

Oakland Raiders

  • Power ranking: 30

  • My range: 29-30

  • Comment: Is there such a thing as a must win for a 3-10 team? Sunday’s home game against the Chiefs may be for a lot of key people in Oakland.

Kansas City Chiefs

  • Power ranking: 32

  • My range: 32

  • Comment: Well, being No. 31 had to be nice while it lasted.