Cornering the AFC West DBs

Let’s look at some AFC West secondary developments:

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. breaks down the division’s safeties.Insider

He ranks the Kansas City Chiefs with the best safeties in the division. That’s impressive considering Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis were both rookies last year. But there’s no doubt these are two talented players with bright futures.

Williamson admits that the ranking is a little skewed because of the uncertainty of how free agency will look after the NFL lockout. San Diego’s Eric Weddle and Oakland’s Michael Huff are potential free agents. Williamson had Denver’s safety pair of Brian Dawkins and Renaldo Hill ranked last in the division. There is a chance one or both of these players won’t be in Denver in 2011. The Broncos are expected to look at safeties in both free agency and in the draft.

Meanwhile, Aaron Schatz of the Football Outsiders does what he does best and crunches the numbers on cornerback play. You’ll notice favorable ratings for both Oakland’s Stanford Routt and Kansas City’s Brandon Carr.

It further evidence of Routt’s strong 2010 season. We looked at his strong "burn rate" numbers earlier this offseason. Routt just re-signed for Oakland for three years. He could be the team’s No.1 cornerback if Nnamdi Asomugha goes elsewhere as a free agent.