AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Daylon from Wyoming wants to know Andra Davis’ recent release in Denver means Denver could pursue Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain in the draft.

Bill Williamson: I don’t think Davis, who signed with Buffalo this week, was cut because Denver is targeting McClain. That would be too risky. But I think McClain was on Denver’s radar at No. 11 before Davis was cut and I think McClain is still very much in Denver’s plans. He would be an instant starter and he would help the defense greatly. Denver could also look at Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant. But there a lot of off-field questions about Bryant. And if Brandon Marshall is kept, Denver likely wouldn’t take Bryant. At this point, I think McClain has a good chance of ending up in Denver.

Stefan from Manhattan, Ks wants to know if there is chance Kansas City could trade defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey to St. Louis for Adam Carriker and a second-round draft pick.

BW: Stefan, this proposed trade first surfaced in Mike Sando’s NFC West mailbag. This is a question from a fan and not one actually being talked about by the teams. Sure, it could eventually be talked about, but there are no legs to it now. There are reasons to think this deal would make sense. Carriker could fit better in Kansas City’s 3-4 defense than the Rams’ 4-3 and vice versa for Dorsey. Still, I think the Rams would ultimately pass on this deal because of the cost.

Mike from Virginia Beach, Va. wants to know if Denver quarterback Tom Brandstater has a future now that the team has traded for Brady Quinn.

BW: I know Brandstater, a sixth-round pick from Fresno State last year, is held in high regard in Denver. But Quinn will get his chance before Brandstater. If Quinn can develop into a starting-quality player, Brandstater will have to wait. However, if Quinn doesn’t develop, Brandstater can get a shot in a couple of years. Brandstater has to stay on course and continue to make steady strides. He can’t let Quinn’s presence affect him. Ultimately, Brandstater was a project before the Quinn deal and he remains a project.