Pierce to Oakland? Don't count on it

Linebacker Antonio Pierce is a free agent.


PierceThe Raiders could potentially use a veteran presence at the position. However, don’t expect a pairing. In October, after the New York Giants smoked Oakland 44-7, Pierce unleashed a brutal assessment of Oakland.

“Honestly, it felt like a scrimmage, like a practice," Pierce said in an appearance on Sirius NFL Radio. "It felt like we were going against our offense (in practice) as far as the tempo."

He didn’t stop there. Here are more of Pierce’s thoughts on Oakland’s effort:

"There was no vibe of trying or effort from the Raiders at all from a defensive standpoint against their offense. We're getting three-and-outs. You don't hear nobody (saying), 'Hey, let's go!' trying to pick the guys up, rallying them, getting guys fired up. There was nothing. It was quiet. A guy gets sacked or somebody gets beat, they just get up. It's not like there's yelling or no kind of (emotion) about the way they were playing.

"It was shocking to be out there in that game and get that kind of feeling."

Many Oakland players were furious at Pierce. When Oakland came back to beat Philadelphia the next week, several Oakland players said Pierce’s words were motivation. Off the record, several Oakland players had some choice words for Pierce.

So, let’s take this chance to scratch Pierce’s name off of any Oakland free-agent wish list.