Richard Seymour should expect big fine

The ugly side of Richard Seymour returned Sunday in Pittsburgh.

It cost the Oakland Raiders and it will likely cost him later in the week.

The defensive lineman blatantly and brutally popped Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the face mask after Roethlisberger inadvertently bumped into Seymour while beginning to celebrate a touchdown, giving the Steelers a 21-3 lead late in the first half. Seymour was immediately ejected from the game.

Seymour is known for having quite the on-field temper. Pleasant and friendly off the field, Seymour -- who is having a brilliant season -- is nasty on it. San Diego center Nick Hardwick called Seymour a dirty player while he was with New England.

Last season, Seymour pulled the hair of Denver left tackle Ryan Clady. Later in the season, he was called for two personal fouls against Cleveland.

Because of his history and how blatant his infraction was Sunday, Seymour should expect a heavy fine. It’s not out of the question to think Seymour could potentially face a short suspension, although that may be excessive. Still, the league will not take kindly to seeing a high-profile quarterback get knocked to the turf for simply celebrating a touchdown, especially in these days of heightened player protection.

Meanwhile, another controversy just developed in Pittsburgh. The Steelers had a touchdown on an interception nullified by a personal foul call on Steelers defender James Harrison on a tackle on Oakland quarterback Jason Campbell. The initial replays showed that it appeared to be a clean hit. Pittsburgh would have taken a 28-3 lead.

Also, Oakland lost defensive end Trevor Scott to a knee injury on a special-teams play. It was announced that he will not return to Sunday’s game. The long-term severity of the injury is unknown.