AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Louie from Oakland: hey Bill....if you feel that signing Burress would be a step backward, who do you see would be the best fit for Oakland out of the list of available WR's out in the market right now? Including WR's like Ocho Cinco who are possibly available via trade.... Thanks
BW: I think the best guy who would fit is Arizona's Anquan Boldin. He'd cost a lot in a trade but he'd be worth it. He'd answer Oakland's needs at the position. Also, I like Torry Holt as a third-round option. He'd move the chains in Oakland.

Pat from Dallas: Bill, Based on the trade value chart, it seems to me that it wouldn't take that much for the Broncos to trade up and ensure they get Mark Sanchez. And it shouldn't take sacrificing the chance at a good defensive player in the first round to do it - contrary to what many pundits are saying. Here are just a couple trade possibilities: #12 (1200 points) + Denver's second rounder (#48 - 420 points) + Chicago's third rounder (#84 - 170) = 1,890 points for #4 (Seattle - 1,800). #12 (1,200) + Denver's third rounder (#79 - 195) + Chicago's third rounder (#84 - 170) + Seattle's fifth rounder (#140 - 36) = 1,601 for #6 (Cincinnati - 1,600). These seem like no-brainers. (Seattle and/or Cincinnati get mulitple picks to start rebuilding, Denver guarantees its chance at a QB of the future and an impact defensive player.) So, does Denver like Sanchez enough to make this happen, and what do you think are the chances? Thanks, Pat

BW: I'd only support that move if it was a short trade up. You don't want burn a big chip in the Jay Cutler trade on a quarterback. It would neutralize Denver's value garnered from the trade. If Sanchez is there at No. 12, I think it would be a smart move.

Patrick from Saint George, UT: The broncos would be stupid to combine the #12 and #18 pick to grab Mark Sanchez. Basically you gave up the ability to help the defense by trading Cutler because now your first round pick is gone to fix a position that didn't need fixing before the fiasco and there is no guarantee Sanchez will be the fix either. The best bet for the Broncos is to go after Brady Quinn with the #18 pick. At that point you traded Cutler for Orton and Brady, an upgrade on your 5th round pick to a 3rd round pick and a first round pick next year. That is a vastly better deal than taking Sanchez because you can still use the #12 pick to help your defense. No one has mentioned this but why not see if the Browns would trade Quinn for Tony Scheffler and a 2nd or 3rd round pick. They traded away Kellen Winslow so a nice TE like Tony Scheffler might be a desirable scenario for them and then Denver still gets Quinn and gets to keep that #18 pick to help the defense and the Browns get a good TE and a 2nd round pick.

BW: I agree; that can't be done. It would be silly. I don't think you have to worry about it. I think Denver could move up, but it would be for a defensive player such as B.J. Raji or Aaron Curry. If Denver could get Quinn for the No. 18 pick, it would be a decent trade. Denver would still have the other picks in the draft and Kyle Orton could be the backup. The key for Denver is to get as much value out of the Cutler trade as possible.

Paul from Escondido: I'm starting to really like Maualuga. Is it just me, or is he a top 5 player that, through a variety of happenings, just might fall to the Bolts at 16? And if so, how bad would it be to pass on him?

BW: I think he could be the guy for the Chargers. I really like Rey Maualuga. He's got a nose for the game and he plays hard every down. He may not be great in coverage, but he's a strong two-down player who would be a nice fit with the Chargers. The USC middle linebacker has visited with the team so perhaps he will end up in San Diego.