Late practice notes

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

  • Denver's Jarvis Moss had nothing to say after returning to the practice field to consider his future. The team expects him to stay in camp.

  • San Diego cornerback Antonio Cromartie said his tweet about the team having bad camp food was "harmless." It wasn't too harmless. The team fined him $2,500 for it.

  • After struggling holding onto the ball most of camp, Oakland top pick Darrius Heyward-Bey had a good day catching the ball.

  • Denver re-signed rookie linebacker Braxton Kelley after putting Nick Greisen on the injured reserve. Greisen tore his ACL in practice Monday.

  • New Denver coach Josh McDaniels had some fun with the arrival of referee Ed Hochuli at the team's camp. Hochuli was the center of a controversy when he made a bad call that gave Denver a 39-38 win over San Diego last season.

"He is one of our favorite guys. The whole team was excited to see Ed Hochuli today," McDaniels said. "I introduced him, and he introduced his crew. As soon as I introduced him, there was a big cheer. They have not forgotten [the] San Diego [game]."