Mailbag: Will Raiders add veteran receiver?

Midweek mail call:

Bryce from Fayetteville, Ark., wants to know if I think undrafted free agents Kwame Geathers and Byron Jerideau can make the Chargers’ 53-man roster.

Bill Williamson: I hate to put any expectations on an undrafted free agent more than a month from training camp. It is not fair or realistic. However, both Geathers and Jerideau have ability and both have looked good. Plus, the Chargers are thin at defensive tackle so the opportunity to make the roster will be there for both players.

Howard Wenger from Loveland, Colo., wants to know what position Denver will look for before the season starts.

BW: I think there may be a couple of areas Denver could look to add, mainly middle linebacker and running back. I don’t think Denver will be looking for an impact player at either spot, perhaps just some depth.

Chris from Pennsylvania wants to know if I think the Oakland Raiders can add a veteran receiver.

BW: The Raiders are certainly lacking a veteran presence at receiver, but Oakland has several intriguing young prospects. As the Raiders rebuild I think they might allow all of these youngsters a chance to show what they can do. Taking up a roster spot with a veteran may not be what the team is thinking.