AFC West sound off

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

It's time to sound off again.

Here's this week's topic: Are the San Diego Chargers a good team that has yet to find their way or are they just not that good and they will never turn the corner in 2008?

My thoughts? I don't know.

I keep waiting for San Diego to break out and become the dominant team it was expected to become. This is a team that had Super Bowl aspirations. But the Chargers haven't turned the corner and are stuck at 4-5.

I've seen San Diego play in person five times this season. I saw its first four games of the season against Carolina, Denver, the New York Jets, Oakland and Kansas City. I had a six-week break in between seeing San Diego. Still, it looked as inconsistent and uneven Sunday in a 20-19 win over the Chiefs as it did early in the season.

I have not given up on this team. There is too much talent. Sooner or later, however, the Chargers will have to show something.

Give me your thoughts. Are the Chargers any good? Hit my mailbag. I'll post some of your responses later in the week.