Chat wrap: Will the Chiefs get a DT?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Jake from Washington: Which Denver TE is more likely to make an immediate impact? 4th round pick Julius Thomas or 7th round pick Virgil Green?

BW: Well, it seems silly to pick the seventh-rounder, but I'm going with Green for two reasons. 1, Thomas has played one year of college football. He is a nice prospect, but he's a project. 2., Green is good. He was downgraded in the draft because of an old injury. If he's healthy, he can help right away.

Kansas City

Shawn from Barre, Vermont: Do you see the Chiefs bringing in a vet NT like Barry Cofield or Chris Jenkins, if (pending on the CBA) they happen to become free agents?

Bill Williamson: They tried to get Shaun Rogers before he signed with the Saints prior to the lockout. I do think the Chiefs want a veteran nose tackle.


Tim H. from Denver: Hello Bill...enjoyed the column about Jacoby Ford last month. Do you think he will start at WR this year or do you believe that Heyward-Bey (Al Davis favorite) will be the starter. It seems like Ford should be on the field as often as possible. Thanks

BW: Thanks, Tim. I just posted a blog on Hue Jackson saying Ford will be a household name. Jackson has been hot on Ford all offseason. He knows he has a star on his hands. I definitely see Ford being a starter. He's proven more than DHB. It's only fair.

San Diego

Rian from Los Angeles: What will the Chargers record be if they fix up Special Teams? How good will they be?

BW: Hard to tell. There could always be injuries. But let's put it this way: If San Diego doesn't have any major issues on special teams, it will be a contender in the AFC.