Chat wrap: Denver playoff overlook?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Believethehype from Denver: There is so much talk of the New England at Denver potential AFC Championship game. Should Denver fans worry about them over looking their divisional round game?

Bill Williamson: They didn't overlook Cleveland or KC on their way to the top seed. No way are John Fox or Peyton Manning are going to let this team overlook a playoff game. If they get beat in the divisional round, they get beat, but it won't be for overlooking the opponent.

Kansas City

Jonathan Fortune from Chicago: If the Chiefs do hire [Andy] Reid will they sign [Michael] Vick as a bridge and then draft one of the big name QBs.

BW: Huge question. I've talk to some folks about that. Some people think the answer will be 'no.' But the Chiefs will need someone for the short term and Vick will be available.


Ibetonart from Oakland: Bill, could you see Oakland going to the college ranks to nab an OC? I would like to see them give Chad Morris from Clemson an interview. His offenses are always good, pro style and he could utilize [Carson] Palmer and [Terrelle] Pryor I think.

BW: Hey, got your email on this yesterday. I like the Texas A&M connection between him and Dennis Allen. But Morris is being paid big by Clemson and he seems on the track to be a college head coach soon. So, I'm not sure he’d want to go be an NFL OC. But it makes sense for a lot of reasons.

San Diego

Ken from South Plainfield, NJ: Bill, Chargers OL is a mess, anyone worth a shot in FA or should they use first two picks on OT and Guard

BW: Yes, yes, yes. O-line has to be a priority in free agency and in the draft. The offensive mix starts there.