Broncos' Brandon Marshall wins Darrent Williams Good Guy Award

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall was the winner of this year’s Darrent Williams Good Guy Award.

The award, presented by the Denver chapter of the Pro Football Writers of America, has been given annually since 2007. The award is named for Williams, a former Broncos cornerback who was killed in a drive-by shooting on Jan. 1, 2007, and is given to a player who handles the day-to-day responsibilities and interactions with the media with the same reliability, respect and enthusiasm Williams did.

“I knew Darrent," Kubiak said. “My last year here, he was a rookie (in 2005) ... very talented young man. All I can say is Brandon is a hell of a football player, but he is a great kid, too."

“I just know he was a great person, a great guy, high spirits, upbeat kind of guy," Marshall said. “His legacy lives on."

Marshall is the ninth consecutive defensive player to win the award. John Lynch won the first award, in 2007, and other former winners include Champ Bailey (2011) and Elvis Dumervil (2009).

Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. won the award in 2013.

“I was raised on integrity," Marshall said. “ ... My mom did a hell of a job raising me, I know she’ll be proud of this because she’ll know she raised her boy in a way that people look up to him, in the way people respect him. It means a lot to me because it means I’ve done a good job in trying to become the best man that I can be."