McDaniels' move caught NFL's attention

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- ESPN is reporting the NFL will look into coaches jumping from one team to a playoff team during the postseason and that the league will determine whether there will be a rule blocking such moves.

Of course, the inspiration for the discussion is the New England Patriots’ hire of Josh McDaniels as an offensive coach. He was St. Louis’ offensive coordinator during the season. Yet, he started to work for the Patriots last week. His first game will be Saturday night against Denver in the divisional playoffs. Denver fired McDaniels as head coach in December 2010 after 28 games. He was previously the Patriots’ offensive coordinator.

The Broncos haven’t made a big deal of the situation, but, I know, privately, some folks in the organization -- and others around the league -- think it’s a little odd that such a move could happen.

Don’t you think there are some Rams players who would like the opportunity to work in the playoffs, just as McDaniels will get the opportunity?

I knew the league would take some heat over it. It’s just my guess, but I bet this is the last time we see such a move.

Meanwhile, Denver snapper Lonie Paxton is missing the game because his wife is having complications in her pregnancy. She is carrying twins. Our best wishes go out to the Paxton family.

Denver signed former longtime San Diego long snapper David Binn for Saturday night’s game.