You pick it responses

We had a runaway winner in this week’s “you pick it” feature.

Readers believe San Diego’s trade of No. 3 quarterback Charlie Whitehurst to Seattle for a switch of second-round picks next month (San Diego now picks at No. 40 and Seattle picks at No. 60) and a third-round pick next year. Whitehurst has never thrown an NFL pass.

The other candidates were Oakland and San Diego each getting a compensatory draft pick and San Diego cutting former draft pick Demetrius Byrd after he couldn’t recover from an auto accident.

I agree with the readers. The Whitehurst trade was, by far, the biggest news of the week in the AFC West. San Diego changed its draft status with the deal. Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Daylon from Wyoming: Has to be the Whitehurst trade. A Chargers fan said it best, that's the most he has done for the team. If he pans out as a franchise QB they really didn't give up alot for him but if he doesn't... Seattle fans will be constantly remind management about the players they could have had with those two picks.

Dan Moore from Midlothian, Va.: Definitely the Whitehurst trade. I knew he wouldn't be playing for the Chargers anytime soon, so I didn't mind getting rid of him. I was shocked, however, that he was able to get so much trade value. I'm hoping that this gets the Chargers Mt. Cody and maybe Dwyer or Matthews, now that we have both the 28th and I believe the 40th pick.

Justin Holmerud from Seattle: Hey Bill, it's gotta be the Chargers trade. I'm a Bolts fan living up here in Seattle, and while there isn't any snow on the ground here, the Seahawks got snowed. AJ Smith once again worked the system and proved why he's one of the best. The guy knows how to build a team and this is it. A guy who basically has the value of a clipboard holder gets us virtually a 1st and a 3rd next year when he was a 3rd to begin with?? Wow. Hats off to AJ...now break up the rest of the party boys.

Alex Feliciano from San Diego: The absolute fleecing of Seattle for "Sideline Jesus" is the story of the week. A.J. came through for us huge. Now, in a draft with numerous huge needs for the Chargers, we move up a jaw dropping 20 spots in the second round. I can see us walking away with a top 3 NT and a top 5 RB with positions 28 and 40 in the draft, as opposed to deciding between the two positions from a far smaller pool of quality picks. Add to that the abundance of third-round picks we will have for 2011and the ammunition that gives us for the future, I see the Chargers staying strong for much of the forseeable future. We really took the milk money on this one.