Poll results: Ingram over Poe

Melvin Ingram was taken in the NFL draft seven picks after Dontari Poe was but, according to our AFC West pollsters, Ingram will have a better rookie season.

We asked readers who they think will have a bigger impact as a rookie, Poe or Ingram? Poe, taken at No. 11, is a nose tackle with Kansas City. Ingram, taken at No. 18, is a pass-rusher taken by San Diego.

It was Ingram in a runaway. As of 3:45 p.m. ET, 70 percent of the voters think Ingram will make a bigger impact, while 30 percent believe in Poe.

I’m not surprised that Ingram won the poll or by the large margin that he did. He has been considered a more-NFL ready player and he plays a position where the transition to the NFL is easier.

I could see both players having long careers, but I agree that Ingram may make his impact felt earlier. Thanks to everyone who played along.