Could NBA stars help in the AFC West?

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

ESPN.com AFC East blogger Tim Graham's piece on whether LeBron James could play in the NFL got me thinking. Taking James out of the mix, I aligned four NBA stars with each AFC West team, just for fun, of course.

Denver: Orlando center Dwight Howard

Why: The Broncos need big men on defense. Put Howard in Denver's 3-4 defense, and the first-team All-NBA center could make an instant impact.

Kansas City: Boston forward Kevin Garnett

Why: Garnett is one of the best defenders in the NBA. He is a superstar. The Chiefs need impact defensive players.

Oakland: Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Why: The Raiders need offense and Bryant is instant offense. I have heard Bryant say he could have a Randy Moss impact as a receiver. That is exactly what Oakland needs, even though they didn't get it when they actually had Moss. Perhaps Bryant would be the answer to Oakland's receiving needs.

San Diego: New Orleans guard Chris Paul

Why: Paul is one of the great defenders in the game. The Chargers need safety help and the point guard could be the quarterback of San Diego's defense.

Hit the comment section with NBA players you think could be a fit for your favorite team.