Get to know Ed Hochuli

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

I don't care if you are a San Diego Chargers fan, a Denver Broncos fan, a fan of another team, or not a football fan at all (if that's the case, I don't know why you would be reading this, but I digress), Elizabeth Merrill's ESPN.com story on NFL official Ed Hochuli is a compelling read.

It's a fabulous story on a man humbled by a split-second mistake.

Hochuli, long known as one of the finest officials in the NFL, became a symbol of poor officiating after he made a mistake in a Week 2 game between San Diego and the host Broncos. What should have been a game-ending Jay Cutler fumble gave Denver new life and the Broncos ended up beating San Diego, 39-38. It led to a rule change this spring. He called it a defining moment in his life.

Hochuli, who owns a home in San Diego, was vilified there for months. He was let off the hook when San Diego came back from three games out with three games remaining in the season to beat Denver for the AFC West crown.

Hochuli has been gracious enough to agree to participate on a chat on ESPN.com Friday at 12:30 ET. That qualifies as a must-read for NFL fans.