Hank Stram is No. 16 all-time coach

Former Kansas City Chiefs coach Hank Stram is ranked No. 16 on ESPN’s all-time list of coaches.

Stram was the head coach of the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs from 1960-74. The Pro Football Hall of Famer is best known for leading the Chiefs to their lone Super Bowl victory, in 1970. The franchise won three titles in the American Football League under the guidance of the colorful Stram, a staple on old NFL Films reels.

He remains a huge part of Kansas City history.

“There were a lot of qualities that set Hank Stram apart from other coaches,” said former Chiefs star defensive back Emmitt Thomas, now the team’s secondary coach. “His honesty. His intelligence. His sense of fairness. His caring nature. Coach Stram was the kind of a guy who knew you, your family and everybody who meant something to you. And he had a presence.”