Does Percy Harvin fit in AFC West?

There have been reports that Minnesota may look to trade receiver Percy Harvin.

He is sure to garner interest because he is an explosive player. But there are also contract and character concerns that could make teams hesitant to trade for Harvin. Let’s look if Harvin would fit in the AFC West:

Denver: I could see Denver potentially being interested. A receiving trio of Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Harvin would both be young and exciting. The Broncos would be set there. But there are many other receiver options in free agency. I’m not sure the Broncos would make a jump at a player who has had issues when there are other options.

Kansas City: There are reasons to think this would be a good fit. The Chiefs need to be more explosive at receiver. There is reportedly still a chance Andy Reid could hire Brad Childress. If that is the case, I am sure Childress would advise Reid to tread carefully with Harvin. Childress was Harvin’s head coach in Minnesota and they had a major blowup.

Oakland: I don’t see this being a fit. The Raiders have some young receivers they want to develop. Spending money and draft choices on Harvin instead of areas that are more pressing would not be wise.

San Diego: I think this could be the best fit in the division. The Chargers are begging for a playmaker at receiver and Harvin would be a good on-field fit with Philip Rivers. I’m not sure, however, if the Chargers’ new leadership would be willing to begin its regime by taking somewhat of a risk on a player like Harvin.