Does MJD becoming a 49er make sense?

I departed another day of meetings at ESPN headquarters to see Vernon Davis is hinting that his friend -- and Bay Area native -- Maurice Jones-Drew may have interest in joining him in San Francisco.


Davis posted a picture of himself with the running back on Instagram with the caption, “Me and Maurice Jones Drew discussing the FUTURE a few nights ago. #San Francisco.’’

So does that mean we should expect the running back to end up with the 49ers?

I’d doubt it.

Sure, Jones-Drew probably would be interested in coming back to the Bay Area and playing for a winning team.

But the 49ers really don’t have much need for a veteran running back. Frank Gore is still very much in the plans and the team is looking for 2013 fourth-round pick Marcus Lattimore to make contribution in 2014 after recovering from a torn ACL.

Plus, the 49ers have other needs.

With all that said, I rarely dismiss anything. Too many crazy things happen. So if Jones-Drew’s price is reasonable, who knows, but two weeks prior to the start of free agency this does not look like a natural pairing to me.