Kiper likes the AFC West rookie class

Mel Kiper has an in-depth look at several rookies and his expectations for them in 2010 in an Insider piece on ESPN.com.

It’s worth a look.

Kiper takes a look at several rookies in the AFC West, including Ryan Mathews, Eric Decker, Eric Berry, Dexter McCluster and Lamarr Houston.

Kiper thinks it could be a banner year for AFC West rookies.

One eye-popping statement was about Houston, who Oakland snared in the second round. Check it out:

Kiper: I'm honestly starting to think I really underrated this guy. I look at the measurables and in terms of combine tests, he's better almost across the board than Gerald McCoy. But that's just the athleticism. In terms of tackles for loss he also topped McCoy, playing a similar schedule in the Big 12. He has plenty of size at 6-3, 305 pounds to be a solid part of the Oakland 4-3. If this guy becomes a big impact player early in his career I'll no longer be surprised. As I look back at what he did, it's another reason to think I may have undersold what Oakland did in the draft. Houston could be a steal.”

I’m looking forward to seeing what this rookie class from the AFC West does. Last year was a disappointment. I don’t think that will be the case this year. It seems Kiper is on board as well.