AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Conrad from Parker: Broncos draft needs- I prefer Moreno to Wells, but both are studs. I really think the Broncos need help up the middle. They really need a 4-3 NT since Robertson (stunk). They need a true MLB. They need a ball-hawking FS. They need SOLB depth behind Winborn (I'm expecting Boss to be cut). What are they doing with Woodyard? Barrett looks like the SS of the future. If Bly gets cut, like I think, who's playing CB? Williams? I think the Defense needs the love in this draft.

Bill Williamson: I agree that defense has to be the focus. Linebackers will get the first look. Also a safety like Taylor Mays from USC will also be considered. Even before Mike Shanahan was fired, the plan was to go defense heavy in the draft. That is still the clear choice. Look for Denver to try to add at linebacker, defensive tackle, defensive end and at safety. Yes, it has needs nearly everywhere on defense.

Big J from Sactown: B-dub, is it safe to say that whoever the Chiefs next Gm is, Gunther Cunningham will be gone? I love Gunther, but I can't understand how so much young talent (DJ, Page, Pollard, Dorsey) could underachieve so much. I keep hearing that he has been using Dorsey the wrong way, and the LB's seem to be getting worse. Is Gun being handicapped by Herm's scheme?

BW: Gunther Cunningham is an fixture in Kansas City. If Herman Edwards is kept as coach, Cunningham may stay. The losing wasn't all on Cunningham. The entire program was lacking. He's a fine teacher. But if there is a new coach in Kansas City, there will likely be wholesale changes on the coaching staff.

Bobby: Bill what is your take on the "payton Manning rule" to change overtime since alot of east coast sports people ala Jim Nantz, Phil Simms had a debate about how unfair it was that payton didnt get a chance to play in there overtime loss to the Chargers. I mean come on had my Bolts lost do you think they would have ever talked about how unfair it was that Rivers didnt get a chance to play in OT. The Colts cried when the Patriots were covering there receivers to close thus the next year the rules were changed in there favor when will east coast bias stop.

BW: I don't buy it. If the Colts had won the coin flip and Peyton Manning would have led the Colts to a score on the first drive of overtime it wouldn't have been fair to Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, either. But that's just way it is. The rules are the rules.

George from Sacramento: What is the chance Al Davis will be back Tom Cable? After the last 2 wins I think most Raider fans see promise in him. Do You think Davis will as well?

BW: It's starting to look good. The Raiders have interviewed Cable along with Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and it has been reported that Green Bay defensive assistant Winston Moss will interview this weekend. Still, there is a belief around the league Cable will get a long look. He ended the season well and he has the support of key Oakland players. His chances of being retained appear fairly strong.