AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Ryan G. from San Diego wants to know what the status is with San Diego restricted free agent Shawne Merriman.

Bill Williamson: Most of the attention in San Diego is on left tackle Marcus McNeill and receiver Vincent Jackson, who did not sign their restricted free-agent tenders by the deadline. The team then reduced their pay for the 2010 season. Both McNeill and Jackson are expected to conduct long contract holdouts. Merriman is different, because of his contract. Merriman’s 2010 pay schedule is more set. Merriman has worked with the team some this offseason even though he remains unsigned. Merriman doesn’t have much leverage since he is trying to regain the dominant form he enjoyed prior to his knee surgery in 2008. Merriman has to play in 2010 if he wants a big contract (from the Chargers or from another team) in 2011. So, it would be a surprise if Merriman stays away from the Chargers for long this summer.

Cory from Denver wants to know if the Broncos could activate Tim Tebow as a fullback on the 45-man roster early in his career.

BW: I don’t think so, Cody. Denver coach Josh McDaniels has said he will only use Tebow as a quarterback and not at any other position. If Tebow is on Denver’s 45-man game-day roster early in his career it will be as a quarterback. If Tebow makes fast progress, he’ll be on the 45-man roster on Sundays whether McDaniels activates two or three quarterbacks on game days.

J. Miller from Lewiston, Idaho wants to know if defensive tackle Ian Scott, who was just cut from San Diego, could end up in Kansas City:

BW: It’s something the Chiefs could look at. The Chiefs could use some veteran help in the middle of the defensive front. But Scott is far from a unit-changing player. He is a rotational player. If the Chiefs feel like they are a little thin at the spot, Scott could be an option. He was cut by the Chargers earlier in the week.