The cost of trading up in draft

The following is a look at what pick range is reasonable for each AFC West team to move up in the first round based on what they have as far as draft picks and on the trade value chart teams use:


The Broncos, who have the No. 2 pick, could move in the No. 16-17 range if they want to package their two-second round picks, No. 36 and No. 46. Denver could get in the No. 21-22 range if it wants to send No. 36 and No. 67. The Broncos have some power.

Kansas City

The Chiefs could move up to the No. 13-14 range if they want to package No. 21 and No. 55. If the Chiefs have a chance at a player like Alabama receiver Julio Jones or Wisconsin pass-rusher J.J. Watt, this could be intriguing.


Oakland could move up to the No. 30-32 range if it packages No. 48 and No. 81. I could see this as a possibility if the teams in the 30-32 range are flexible and the Raiders fall for a particular player at the end of the first round.

San Diego

The Chargers could go for it and offer No. 18, No. 50 and No. 61 to the get to the No. 6-7 range. Or they could offer No. 18 and No. 50 to get the No. 10-11 range. They also have two third-round picks to play with. The Chargers have plenty of ammunition to move up if they wish.