MJD trade to San Diego or Denver?

There has been a lot of speculation in the past couple of days about Maurice Jones-Drew ending up in San Diego or Denver after ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the holdout running back might be open to a trade from Jacksonville.

While things can change, I don’t see a trade to either spot being likely.

The San Diego connection is because starter Ryan Mathews is out with a broken clavicle and has been injury-prone. However, the Chargers believe in Mathews, and they have much invested in him. I just don’t see San Diego replacing Mathews now, using quality draft picks to do so, and then turning around and giving Jones-Drew a huge contract.

The Jones-Drew talk in Denver is fueled by the fact that his former Jacksonville head coach Jack Del Rio is the defensive coordinator in Denver, and the Broncos are in a win-now mode. However, the Broncos like their stable of running backs, and they feel like they have enough high-salary players, especially since they must address left tackle Ryan Clady’s contract soon.

While there are reasons why a trade of Jones-Drew to San Diego or Denver makes sense, there are probably more reasons why a deal to those cities doesn’t make sense.