Lockout: Hurry up and wait

Get used to the lockout. It’s not going anywhere soon.

A two-day mediation session ended Tuesday between the NFL owners and players.

Mediation is expected to resume June 7, four days after the next court hearing. NFL negotiator Jeff Pash said there was progress made this week.

Still, we are stalled for another three weeks. The way this is going we likely won’t see a resolution until July, at the earliest.

That is going to be a problem. That means there will be virtually no offseason programs and the teams will likely go from a resolution to a fast free-agency and trading period to training camp.

In a league that has become a year-round business, it could take time for teams to knock off the rust. For teams and players who are used to the minicamp season, going right into training camp will be difficult.

It will affect every team, but it will be especially difficult for teams with a new coach. Denver and Oakland have new coaches, but the transition won’t be overly difficult for the Raiders because new coach Hue Jackson was the team’s offensive coordinator last year. New Denver coach John Fox, however, is coming in cold.

Plus, this could also have an effect on whether Denver trades Kyle Orton. If we go deep into July, he could be kept and to compete with Tim Tebow.

Had the two sides decided to continue to talk and get a deal done by the end of the month, we’d have a chance for normalcy, but that chance seems to be fading.