Who is Larry Johnson?

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

If you haven't had the chance, check out Jeffri Chadiha's excellent story on Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson on ESPN.com.

The story takes readers down the unique and perplexing story of Johnson, whose immense talent has been overshadowed by his off-field issues in Kansas City. It is a complete and thorough look at this complicated figure.

It is certainly a timely piece. Johnson is returning to Kansas City this week as the Chiefs host to New Orleans after serving a four-game punishment levied by both the team and the NFL. If Johnson is going to stay with the Chiefs beyond this season, these next seven weeks are going to tell the tale. I believe Johnson will not be back next season and is probably best for both him and the organization. It's time for everyone to cut ties and move on.

The Chiefs are a young team, who are rebuilding and have to be careful about the veterans they keep. A player such as Tony Gonzalez is perfect for Kansas City if he wants to stay. He's a team leader and he's never had any character issues. Johnson, on the other hand, may need a fresh start. It's probably just time for him to leave.

But you never know what can happen with Johnson who is a complicated and interesting man as Chadida's story illustrates.