McShay's 2011 mock draft

Todd McShay doesn’t sleep. He already has his first 2011 mock draft up.

It is sure to change a bunch in the next 51 weeks based on performance, injuries and the underclassmen decisions.

Still, it’s an interesting look. He based his draft order on early projections by Scouts Inc. That’s sure to change as well. So, folks, just look at this as a fun exercise in late April with plenty to change in the next year.

No. 3 Kansas City, Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College

My thoughts: I think a left tackle could be the choice. But I expect Kansas City to pick lower in the draft next year. Maybe the 9-13 range.

No. 13 Denver, Jerrell Powe, DT, Mississippi

My thoughts: The range and positions seems about right here.

No. 25, Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame

My thoughts: I expect San Diego to pick in the high 20s again. I think their targeted position will depend on how free agency plays out in 2011.

Oakland does not have a first-round pick next year because it sent it to New England for Richard Seymour. Scouts Inc. has the Raiders' pick being No.7. I think Oakland may be slotted in the 12-16 range next year.