Chat Wrap: Trade Richard Seymour?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held Thursday:


Randy from Denver: Is it a possibility the Broncos trade their 1st rd pick to stock pile some 2nd rounders?

Bill Williamson: I think the Broncos would make that decision on the clock. That No. 25 range is a good trading spot for a team that is flexible.


Steve from Kansas City: Would going for a player like Jimmy Clausen (via a trade or free agent add if cut) be a better than a veteran that the chiefs are reportedly interested in like Orton, Campbell, Garrard or Manning.

BW: Nah, not a big Clausen guy. Maybe if Weis was still there. I'd go for someone like Campbell or Orton over Clausen. He's young, but that may be one of his few values.


Johnny from R.I.: Do you think the Raiders should deal Seymour for a 3rd round pick and to free cap space?

BW: I'm not sure who would pick up a $15 million deal for a guy who can leave in free agency. Plus, is a third-rounder better than Seymour right now?


Rob from Pittsburgh: Same type of year for P Rivers if the O-Line doesn’t improve, agree or disagree? The WR corp. is only getting weaker.

BW: The WR group will only get weaker if Jackson leaves. And Rivers does need better protection. The Chargers know it and will address it. The key is also health. San Diego has really been banged up by injuries at both the OL and WR.