Robbins needs to focus on future

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Barret Robbins blames himself for the Oakland Raiders' loss in Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003.

He shouldn't.

Robbins has too much else in his life to worry about. Pinning the Super Bowl loss on himself is a pointless and unfair burden he doesn't need to carry.

Yes, Robbins' disappearance from the Raiders hours before he was supposed to be the starting center against Tampa Bay set an ominous tone for Oakland. But if Robbins was on the field, I wouldn't expect the results to be different.

Blame Oakland coach Bill Callahan for being completely out-foxed by his former Oakland boss Jon Gruden.

Blame Rich Gannon for throwing three interceptions that were returned for touchdowns by Tampa Bay in Oakland's 48-21 loss.

Blame Oakland's defense for not matching Tampa Bay's intensity. All of those reasons helped account for the blow-out Oakland loss. Robbins' issues were just a side bar to the misery for Oakland.

It appears that Robbins is trying to get his life together. He needs to heal without any guilt stemming from the Super Bowl loss.