Chat wrap: Oakland's D needs to step up

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat, held earlier Thursday:


Jon Jon from Cheney: If the Broncos get a QB who can actually throw the ball, would you consider [Eric Decker], [Eddie] Royal, and D. [Demaryius] Thomas a potential nightmare in the future for defenses? Something like the Saints and Packers these days.

Bill Williamson: Nightmare? Nah. But a decent starting point. I think Thomas can be special.


Bill from Cameron, Mo.: Do you see [Tamba] Hali and [Justin] Houston being a nightmare for future offenses

BW: Now that's a nightmare. Hali is a star and Houston was a great value pick in the third round.


John from Rochester: Raiders D-Coordinator in 2012? Talent is there right?

BW: Jack Del Rio is a name I hear a lot. There is talent there, but help is needed in the secondary and the linebackers must play better. Remember, everyone thought it was all John Marshall's fault last year, too. Sooner or later, the players have to be accountable.


Brian from San Diego: So, [Jared] Gaither or [Marcus] McNeill in SD?

BW: I think that is TBA. Depends on McNeill's neck. But because the Chargers can easily get out of his deal and because Gaither was good and he may be cheaper, I could see Gaither being the choice.