Report: D.J. Williams won't dish commish

Getting under the skin of the man who is in control of your career may not be the smartest of ideas.

But that’s what D.J. Williams has done.

According to USA Today, there is a sign outside of a Miami restaurant, that says NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is not welcome at the establishment. The restaurant is partly owned by Williams, a Denver Broncos linebacker, and New Orleans linebacker Jonathan Vilma. The former University of Miami teammates are both facing suspensions from Goodell. Williams will be for the first six games of the season for using a banned substance. Vilma is fighting a season-long suspension stemming from the Saints’ bounty scandal.

Williams, though, could face more trouble. He was recently convicted of his second alcohol-related driving case. Goodell could further suspended Williams for that case.

Did Williams have anything to do with the dig at Goodell? Will it even bother Goodell? These are unknown questions. But if I were Williams, I would keep my distance from Goodell and certainly not poke at him.

In other AFC West news:

  • The Raiders may have competition for pass-rusher Andre Carter. ESPN’s Josina Anderson reports the Rams are setting up a workout for Carter. Oakland worked him out Tuesday. This may be a case of teams coming out of the woodwork to take a look at Carter now that he is healthy. If New England gets in the act, Carter (who had 10 sacks for the Patriots last season) could opt for another turn. However, Carter went to Cal and he lives in the Bay Area and those are reasons that could help the Raiders’ cause if they want to sign him.

  • An Insider piece looked at the top running back groups in the NFL.Insider To my shock, the Jamaal Charles-Peyton Hillis combo in Kansas City didn’t get any love. It should have.

  • The Football Outsiders continue the talkInsider that Denver cornerback Champ Bailey may be overrated. Again, I’d still take him at the age of 34. Perhaps he is losing a step; he is still a brilliant player who can help his team.