Mailbag: Raiders' receiving plan

Weekend mail call:

Pheng Vue from Fresno, Calif., wants to know if I think the Raiders’ starting receivers will be Darrius Heyward-Bey and Denarius Moore.

Bill Williamson: That’s how I see it, with Jacoby Ford as the No. 3 receiver. Now if fifth-round pick Juron Criner is the same player in the regular season as he was during organized team activies, he will soar up the depth chart. But for now, I think the starting focus is on Moore and Heyward-Bey and that’s a potentially solid paring.

JDM from Canon City, Colo., wants to know if I think Denver rookie quarterback Brock Osweiler has a future as a starter.

BW: I think he was worth taking in the second round this year. The Broncos are high on Osweiler and taking him now, at the beginning of the Peyton Manning era, was the right call. Denver will be able to watch Osweiler develop in the preseason and in practices for about three years before making a decision to start him. If he is not the answer, Denver will have plenty of time to find another option. It’s worth a second-round gamble.

Fred Brush from Richmond, Ind., wants to know if I think the Raiders should have kept backup running back Michael Bush.

BW: Of course the Raiders would have been well served to keep Bush. He was a fine backup option to the oft-injured Darren McFadden. But it was all about money and the Raiders just didn’t have the salary-cap means to keep Bush, who ended up in Chicago. There was virtually no chance that he was coming back once he hit unrestricted free agency.